SENDNOW is an application that allows you to manage assignments quickly and easily online. The application has a modular structure. This concerns, for example, the SENDNOW portal, SENDNOW planning or the DriverAPP. Customization is possible at all times and will be budgeted in advance.

Maintenance Agreement
It is recommended to conclude a maintenance agreement. This entitles you to regular updates, a quick resolution of errors and a discount on the costs of support and possible customization.

Escrow arrangement
If you conclude a maintenance agreement, we offer the possibility to participate in the Escrow arrangement. Escrow guarantees the continuity of your application, because the source code is released if HEREN01 BV can no longer fulfill its obligations.

Licenses SENDNOW

SENDNOW portal – standard license, no limit on users
SENDNOW planning – standard 500 routes / drivers per month
SENDNOW DriverAPP – standard 25 routes per planning

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