You want to distinguish yourself from your competitors by being progressive, but at the same time you keep an eye on costs. If you work in transport, you not only want to be able to schedule drivers, but also to inform clients and customers well and clearly.

With SENDNOW this is easily possible.

Clients can easily enter transport orders via the web portal or use the extensive import function, whereby larger numbers of orders can be processed at the push of a button. But our links extend further! The continuously growing distribution requires a simple solution that prevents information from having to be entered several times. SENDNOW has that solution. With the extensive SENDNOW API, a direct link can be realized online with almost any external environment.

Via the secure web portal of SENDNOW, your client has a continuous view of his orders and of course the track&trace of his orders. The track&trace in SENDNOW goes further than your own shipments, because the track&trace of shipments that you have placed in a larger transport network, such as DHL, DPD, eBay, AliExpress, Wish, Asos, PostNL and Joom, are also reflected in the SENDNOW portal. The end customer will therefore not see that you have placed the shipment elsewhere.

As valuable as good automation is, ultimately you want to increase your turnover, reduce costs and distinguish yourself from your competitors: in short, continue to provide good tailor-made service. With SENDNOW you not only get well-functioning software for the office and on the road, but also more than 50 standard reports. How about insight into turnover per vehicle, turnover per customer or fuel consumption?

SENDNOW planning (PLAN)
Once transport orders are entered in SENDNOW, it really only starts. Link the orders to a driver as quickly as possible for same-day pick-up or delivery? This is no problem with SENDNOW planning. With two mouse clicks, your planner has planned the trip and the route can be started.
But not only that, how about automatic distance calculation based on the entered address, at home and abroad. So based on this distance, you immediately know which price agreements you can make or how many kilometers you can charge.

If you choose SENDNOW DriverAPP, your planning is in direct contact with the drivers and orders are exchanged. And, if something changes in the planning or if an order is unexpectedly canceled, the planning can inform the driver via the SENDNOW APP and the route is adjusted live. Drivers have insight into orders with one click, can take photos during collection and delivery, scan barcodes and simply process the signature of the end customer on the screen of the smartphone. And of course all this information also appears directly in the SENDNOW portal.

With the DriverAPP you have insight into where your cars (and charters) are, so that you can carry out the planning even better. Find out as quickly as possible where your drivers are and who can get to one of your clients the fastest to pick up an order that has just arrived. This is possible with the SENDNOW.

You are probably not the only entrepreneur who is not fond of keeping records, but we all know that it is important. Fortunately, SENDNOW ADMIN makes this as easy as possible for you! With just one push of a button you can immediately invoice your completed orders and send them by e-mail. A link with an accounting program can also be realised, whereby all sales invoices are entered automatically and debtor management can be automated.

In short: SENDNOW, software that works.